Marco Antonio Cavallo writes in The CIO that marketing is becoming ever more technology-driven. So much so, in fact, that a new corporate figure is emerging: the CMT, the Chief Marketing Technologist.

Just in other areas such as finance, and insurance, so marketing. 

And, of course, that can have a direct impact on how insurtech entrepreneurs, amongst many others, can leverage to promote their offerings.

Key predictions (for this year 2017 up to 2020, so right now) of this thought-provoking article are, firstly, that content marketing - that is, original, informative and relevant content for key, knowledgeable audiences at appropriate stages in the 'buyer journey' -is more important than traditional product content associated with a one-off event for a new product or service.

Secondly, businesses will have to manage cognitive or AI marketing to automate the sales and marketing processes. 

A third factor will be the ensuing need to consolidate marketing technology infrastructure to make it all work.

And finally analytics and intelligence frameworks and infrastructure will need to be rationalised into one function, again powered by marketing technology integrated with the IT architecture.

So the new role of Chief Marketing Technologist looks like a logical step because:

  • Software has become the chief means of engaging prospects and customers
  • Digital marketing and e-commerce skills are now key for growth
  • Digital budgets (enabling marketing and delivery) are therefore rising greatly and,
  • Someone (and their team) has to manage this technology to ensure efficiency and ROI.

None of this will come as a surprise to those who work in marketing or technology. 

The trend has been clear for some time now. So much of business is now irrevocably online. Marketing and corporate strategy are/have coalesced (at least in those businesses that mean to be around for the next ten years). 

And, for many, technology is the sole means to execute strategy, certainly for financial and insurance, and professional services.

Interesting to see how this pans out.