Good content does not lose its value the moment it is shared.

The chances of every single one of your target audience actually seeing your content the first time around are quite slim. Recycling, resharing and even repurposing your content serves as a great time saver for you the professional and it gives your insights and opinions an even greater chance of being discovered by the right people. This can only be a good thing!

The portion of text below highlights the best ways for you to determine which pieces of content to repurpose - shares, views, biggest conversation starter etc. - then think of the best ways to repackage it. 

For example, create a podcast on something related to your industry. Then, write up the key points you want people to take from it & share that as a blog post. These key points can then be regularly shared via the social networks. 

As ever, re-purposed won't be the saving grace to a flailing content strategy, but it should be a key weapon in every marketeers arsenal.