We know that nowadays customers are overwhelmed by advertisements and promotions. They receive a lot of information, every minute of the day. With everything they do they are exposed to new and interesting content and all kinds of marketing campaigns. So the marketer constantly needs to come up with new ideas and creative ways to reach the target audience. Boring pictures are the past, hello video marketing, animated ads, etc. "Higher, faster, further" now applies to marketing, as well.

Mark Bonchek and Cara France interviewed several senior marketing executives to find out what drives creative marketing techniques today. They discovered several trends, for example getting your customers involved into the creation of new products or the improvement of existing products. A win-win, because customers love to feel part and companies improve their products.

Another trend is to not only focus on customer experience but on the end-to-end experience in general. Think broader than just the product experience: buying the product, after-sales support, building a relationships with your customer. Companies will have to focus on the whole package, not just the product.

Besides that, it is also important to make sure that everybody is involved into the promotion of a product and not just the Marketing department. Employees and customers can be an important link in informing others about products and services - word of mouth in a bigger picture. There are no limits for the creativity of a marketer nowaydays, when everyone is involved. 

Get in the minds of the customers, know what they like, know what they think, know what channels they use, know when they use those channels and then you might end up creating a product even the customer didn´t know he wanted it.