The Spanish Tourist Office has launched a new digital campaign aimed at creating “digital ambassadors”. The campaign entitled #SpaininMYheart encourages fans to engage with the tourist office on social media by using the “SpaininMYheart” hash tag and includes a Twitter chat as detailed below.

But do Twitter chats create meaningful engagement?

In our experience, Twitter chats can be one of the best ways to build authority, advocacy and loyalty, as well as engage with relevant communities. They can grow social engagement through valuable discussion and show thought leadership.

The hash tag should define the community. It should be simple and concise and the character count should be low. In the case of “SpaininMYheart”, it shows an emotional connection to the destination and would appeal to a community that is passionate about the destination.

We have seen brilliant and not so brilliant examples of Twitter chats and this is partly down to pre-promotion. The traffic will not necessarily just come so brands should promote their chats and invite brand advocates and ambassadors to get involved. In the case of Spain, the tourist office has invited participants to spread the word and connected with relevant ambassadors.

Twitter chats are open platforms so brands may stumble upon headache topics.  It’s important that these topics been considered and the brand is prepared.

Following the chat, it is time to reflect and measure the success. Has this generated increased growth, have you seen a spike in visits to your website? Have you generated new conversation topics that could be used in future campaigns?

We look forward to joining this Twitter chat on 6th April.