I've had many confusing moments at work. One of the most confusing was when I worked for a company that was named a top place to work year after year and yet the day to day environment and experience was devoid of purpose and culture.  I could never reconcile the two and didn't stay there long. 

Study after study shows that company culture and values drive a positive employer brand. A study by Glassdoor and Bersin by Deloitte which drew on information from 2.2 million employees confirmed this point again. 

In an environment where influencers can become customers and customers can become employees and employees can become influencers,  what role does the CMO play in creating an experience for employees? And not only for the employees of their marketing team but for employees across the entire organization. 

I argue that along with all the other CMO responsibilities they need to take ownership of the employee experience as an extension of their brand mandate.  It's fairly easy for a leadership team to say they want a strong culture and will develop their employees but if that experience doesn't play out, the damage to the brand shows up in the networks and communities of those impacted employees. And ultimately it impacts hiring the right talent and even revenue. 

I still see my former employer on the best places to work list and still hear from former colleagues there that the same troubles exist. I've left that confusion behind and instead focus on helping business and marketing leaders build and live their true brand.