Facebook has yet again updated their News Feed Algorithm, in the hope of eliminating Clickbaits.

Headlines that withhold information intentionally leave out crucial details or mislead people, forcing them to click to find out the answer,” Facebook wrote on their Newsroom Blog.

If Facebook’s update makes you panic, even just for 0.001second, you are not alone! I spent the past 5 minutes thinking: in order to communicate with my audience, I often write short and gripping social media copies that create mystery. Can this be seen as “withholding information”, which is now a punishable act?

As a professional rule of thumb, we don’t publish anything that’s not well thought-through, professional and will be definitely adding value to our clients and candidates. But still, how can our content stand out from everything?

In the past 6 months, I have experimented with a few fun words that can help boost click-rates without giving away too much. These are what worked:

  • Mystery

We all want to know what’s behind the curtain! Arouse your audience’s curiosity by introducing mystery for them. Give them good and solid advice that they can reproduce as well, such as “The Secret of preparing for a Successful Front-End Web Developer Interview”! Apart from “mystery”, phrases such as “behind-the-scene” and “secret” also work quite well.

  • How

Give your audience actionable and efficient solutions for their problems! Show them “HOW”, give them a “Solution”, and help them “Achieve Success”. Titles such as “HOW to nail your next interview in 6 steps” really work.

  • 1,2,3,75%,less than one-third…

Numbers make everything digestible! Show them specifically what they will get without giving it all away! For instance, our survey results: “70% is all you need – revealing the myth of the job descriptions!” have been attractive materials.

The article gives valuable and tangible solutions, which unveil the secret of something that many have been wondering for a long time: do I have to fulfill absolutely everything in the job description?  

Don’t think about the algorithms working against you! Up your game as Digital Marketers! Combine creativity with science, use your words and create visions! Isn’t that the fun of it all?

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