Like many bearded white guys, you guessed, I'm a Star Wars fan. But one thing I'm a huge fan of is how they manage their marketing. Disney will be releasing a star wars film every year for the foreseeable with upcoming Episode: VIII in 2017 and the Han Solo anthology film 2018, so how come they are STILL doing so well? Films in the last two years have been box office hits, so how have they managed to create such hype over just another reboot of a franchise?

Minor re-branding

Keeping a brand fresh is difficult, Star Wars are master of this.  With every new film comes a new title, and with every new title comes an opportunity to market. When they released the newest title they made one small change 'STAR WARS' has always been a yellow logo, but they made it red. Having a slight twist on classic branding in this logo is a fantastic marketing move, fans who already have standard branded shirts and merchandise are more motivated to invest in brand new content.

Another great example of this minor re-brand is in the design of stormtroopers, Star Wars takes loved icons fans are familiar with and tweaks them to drive merchandise sales. Enough of the old to keep fans happy with a new twist on style - this is a great marketing trick! Take your brand, keep it consistent, but play around and tweak with different colours and fun twists to keep things fresh.

Keeping things fun and playful

Before the release of the title of the upcoming 'The Last Jedi' pictures leaked on set of director chairs with fake titles like 'Hunt for the Jedi Temple' and 'spacebear', Star Wars loves leaking fake news! Mark Hamill is a master on Twitter whether it be reading Trump tweets in his Joker voice or trolling his fans. Hamill made headlines when speaking at the Oxford Union saying that Luke Skywalker could be a gay character, not confirming or denying but suggesting.  By circulating their own rumours and suggesting at possibilities there is a constant sense of fun from on set and behind scenes. It's easy to invest in content if you see the fun people behind it!

Sleek media

Nothing quite says professionalism like sleek sexy photo and video content. with the slow build to a December release the Force Awakens and the Last Jedi have both had front cover features in Vanity Fair with extremely sleek images of the cast and sets. What's more their trailers and teasers are always incredibly punchy, with incredibly sleek visuals.

So what are the takeaways for marketing? Nothing gives a sense of professionalism and quality more than sleek media content! Keep branding consistent but keep it fresh with twists and tweaks, and keep your content fun and playful to engage your followers!