We’ve been helping Professional Services pivot to digital Business Development for a long time here at Passle. In the days before the pandemic, our clients tended to have both leaders in digital transformation amongst their teams and others who were more sceptical.

Since everything changed, we’ve seen two things happen; first, most former sceptics have looked at the new environment and decided that digital Business Development is now essential. Second, it has become dramatically more difficult for firms to make financial commitments.

This change has created a strong tailwind for transforming the way Professional Services firms market themselves - and an opportunity for organisational change that should not be missed.

However, the economic headwinds are powerful too.

To address these conflicting pressures, we have decided to change our business model to enable clients to use Passle without the financial commitments of the past. By offering a limited number of free Proof-of Value licenses and only one-month commitments on-going, we can dramatically reduce the barriers to working with us.

Free 2-month proof of concept & monthly billing thereafter 

Usage of the Passle platform by Professional Services firms over the last 4 months has increased by over 130%. It is clear that, for Professional Services marketing, it is the correct tool for these tough times. 

In a world where connecting with clients and prospects is increasingly difficult, Passle’s business development and marketing platform allows your experts to demonstrate their knowledge and create closer ties with their key clients easily. 

Digital Transformation has never been so simple 

The move to on-line business development has been gathering steam since the advent of the Internet. The pandemic has accelerated the process massively which has created a huge opportunity for forward-looking companies. Change is hard, but in a world where we have all changed our working patterns (and many will not change back) the present day represents a unique event to digitally transform your firm and its marketing and sales approach.

Free and then Easy 

We are sure that if you see the retention and new business benefits that Passle can bring, that you will embrace and use us to drive the success of your business going forward. To that end, we are now offering BOTH a free Proof of Value (list price $17,000) AND monthly contracts thereafter.  

If your firm is over 200 people is size and in Professional Services then please do contact our sales team (sales@passle.net) to request a consultation.