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How Macfarlanes and Michael Best create compelling content

Last week we hosted a livestream Q&A in partnership with the brilliant folks over at Lexology. We were joined by a panel of experts from Michael Best and Macfarlanes who kindly took the time to share their insights and best practice tips for seeing really effective content creation. 

Jennifer Conley, Senior Business Development Manager, and Carrie Meigs, Partner at Michael Best were accompanied by Moya Williams, Senior Digital Marketing Executive at Macfarlanes in a session chaired by Passle's own Sarah Strachan.

Sarah and the panelists discuss:

  • How they demonstrate ROI on thought leadership
  • How to go about choosing effective content and ensuring it gets in front of the intended audience 
  • The worthwhile outcomes of a thought leadership programme and the added benefits when used in conjunction with Lexology

The key takeaways:

  • The best content comes from quick reactions. Carrie see's great results by taking new information as it comes in, and quickly turning it into a post that she knows her clients will find interesting and relevant. This allows her to be spontaneous and not have to dedicate too much of her time to creating content, all whilst demonstrating her expertise on subject matters. 
  • Post frequency remains a challenge due to lack of time from authors, but by utilising a thought leadership programme, Michael Best have been able to create 10-20x more content per attorney than the average firms. 
  • If an author isn't receptive, don't force them to create content. Focus instead on those who are willing to give it a try. 
  • From a digital marketing perspective, Moya discussed the importance of driving traffic back to the firm's website. Thought leadership is a great way to achieve this, with posts new and old proving to drive new leads for Macfarlanes.
  • Through using Lexology, they get more context on how clients and prospects are viewing their posts. 
  • Thought leadership is much more than one touchpoint. Focus on connections that occur as a result of content, and share the success stories to help inspire further content from authors, and to really demonstrate the value of the programme.  
"The most effective thought leadership focuses on the value you can provide to prospects and clients" Jennifer Conley, Senior BD Manager, Michael Best


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