Brad van Leeuwen makes a really good point about presenting and how to use slides in your presentation. Yesterday, Tom gave a short talk that was built in part on a Slideshare deck about "Triumph and Disaster" running a start-up. The thing that was interesting was how different the final deck was from the SlideShare original.

With Slideshare, there is no dialogue to back up the images so the "story" has to be communicated entirely by the deck. However, when we came to look at how this should be part of a presentation, there were FAR too many slides.

And what the exercise drove home was that if the deck is communicating, the deck has the audience's attention. At this point, you, the presenter, don't.

So, I agree with Brad; "Your pitch deck should be as simple as possible" the process of distillation to a single core message is surprisingly hard but ultimately essential if you are to communicate what's important.