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Gamification Takes a Broad Role in The Real Estate Sector

Having recently visited one of our successful real estate clients and provided feedback on the gamification of their content strategy we discussed how they could execute this internally. It transpires they already have gamification as part of their sales floor!

The article below with a Property Week/Capita Think Tank demonstrates the broad interpretation and execution of gamification in the Real Estate sector. Use cases include:

  • Internal agent motivation
  • Using game mechanics to drive groups of individuals 
  • Motivating landlords and tenants on financial commitments 
  • Internal employee motivation to improve operational efficiency 
  • Consumer engagement to help with market research

As Crossley McEwen notes gamification is about '...making your systems more straightforward and more attractive to ensure employees and companies get the very best from them'.  James Scott also notes that 'It should be used to empower people to enjoy doing more and drive creativity and positivity.' Strong caveat to ensure deploying gamification is taken seriously. 

DP: What does gamification mean to you? JS: I believe gamification is about creating the reward structure of a game to incentivise customers to do things. It’s not new, but technology has allowed us to innovate the way we engage with our members, creating a more user-friendly method of communicating. CM: It’s about including technology to engage people, whether that’s employees or customers. If we find out what drives a group of people we can use game mechanics and thinking to appeal to them and encourage them to take part. We can create a compelling gamified platform and supporting communications campaign to drive positive behaviour change and deliver significant productivity savings and financial rewards.


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