Our collaborative event with WeWork is right around the corner and I thought I'd write a quick post to tell you about 3 companies I'm excited to see.

1. Idio. I don't know much more about Idio than their brochure website has told me, but I have to say their personalisation services have me intrigued. Consumer and purchasing psychology has always interested me, and I want to know more about how Idio use machine-learning to personalise customer journeys and predict their intentions.

2. Bright. The founders of Bright, Iain Swan and Dave Williams, are not only lovely people, but (as their company name suggests) extremely intelligent. I first met them at an event a few months back and I was blown away by their enthusiasm and knowledge about their craft. Bright help organisations turn their audience into brand advocates by creating compelling and memorable brand experiences. Here's some of their work, I like the Dyson confetti one the most.

3. CANDDi. These guys have an incredibly helpful product that I use several times a week. In brief, they basically identify a fifth of the traffic that comes to your website; letting your sales team know exactly who to get in touch with. I've spoken with a few of the CANDDi team over the phone before, so will be a great to put faces to names.