Another great blog post by Violeta Nedkova, giving away Twitter's best kept secret: twitter lists are the best!

When you're a Twitter newbie, the amount of noise on your stream can be a bit overwhelming. Twitter lists are the easiest way for you to take control of it.

Lists can be private or public, which gives you some flexibility (especially if you want a list to keep track of your competitors!)

On my personal account, for instance, I have a private 'friends' list, so that I can keep track everyday of what they are posting.

On the Passle twitter account meanwhile, I have started growing a list of legal thought leaders, so that I can keep track of the latest legal news.

It's part of my marketing strategy to keep building on these lists because, as Violeta says, it's both a great way of controlling the noise, and also a way of getting yourself noticed without being overly spammy. What's not to love?