I couldn't disagree more with this article, which advocates using freelancers to create content for your company. Yes, it will make you save time, but it will be the wrong content, as they don't know the business like you do.

No one is more of an expert in your business than you and your colleagues. Having a freelancer spout out the same articles that are a dime a dozen on the internet will not show off your expertise or make you stand out.

Easy to say, but where do we find the time?

This is exactly why Passle was created, to remedy this problem:

  • content should be created by its experts, and not outsourced. We value authentic expert-led content.
  • content should be created with the minimum amount of trouble. Inspiration often strikes while reading, we make this an integral part of the writing experience. You can create a Passle post in a matter of minutes by selecting text from an article, pressing a Passle button and adding your commentary.
  • little and often is better than one epic article once a year. In this fast-paced world it's crucial to react in a timely manner to news as it develops.
  • we spend time training our users using competition so that they develop great writing habits.

Content doesn't have to be anything to be scared about!