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The Times Legal Innovation

Great report in today's Times - Raconteur's Legal Innovation supplement.  A lot of good take homes for law firms and legal marketers. 

Edward Fennell likens a law firm to an artisan gin (he does explain), with social media the best way to deliver said 'gin'.  The same report mentions the good people at Passle and its law firm engagement report.  This post is delivered via Passle.

The value of social media is no longer in question - it is an essential part of the mix.  But, like all marketing activity it should not be a tool to hide behind.  

Use social media to drive conversations, don't just talk at your clients. 

As a conservative profession the law was cautious in its take-up of e-communication to reach clients. But the power of the internet is now recognised and according to the latest research by Passle, the top 100 law firms have increased their online content by 77 per cent this year with a predicted posting of almost 47,000 “knowledge” pieces between them. This compares with just over 26,000 in 2014. However, the report found: “The legal industry is not yet close to demonstrating its true expertise online.”