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5 most productive soundtracks for marketing

If, like me, you find a too quiet (or too loud) office distracting when it comes to productivity, then finding the right soundtrack is a must. Personally, I don’t find classical music particularly helpful, and tend to gravitate towards high energy songs. 

Here are 5 playlists you can use to boost your productivity over the holiday season, perhaps the right one for you is there:

1. Rain

If nothing says productive to you like the sound of rain beating down on the windows, then head over to Rainy moods.

2. Video Games

Sometimes, the right burst of adrenaline will do the trick. Soundtracks from video games of your childhood are thought to foster achievement.

3. Café background

I am at my most productive in cafes, the drone sound of people ordering coffees, tapping at their keyboard and opening and closing doors, allows me to get stuck in. If you’re the same, there’s an app for that (of course there is), called Coffitivity, which means you can bring the café sounds wherever you are, by selecting playlists such as ‘Lunchtime Lounge’ or ‘University Undertones’!

4. Marketing playlist

A themed playlist can also be a great way to get yourself to do a boring task. Direct Marketing has created a playlist aimed at marketers. I think a bit of Dolly Parton is needed. What other songs would you add to it?

5. Foreign Radio

This works a bit like the café, except you’re not sure what is being said. If you know a smattering of the language used, then the side benefit is that you might improve your skills on the side too. You can select one from this list.