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2016 - in summary here are the rules....

To finish off 2015 here  is some great advice from Jeremy Galbraith (CEO Burson-Marsteller) when it comes to content for 2016:

1. Be Pertinent

2. Be Authentic

3. Be Useful

4. Be Visual

5. Plus love, laugh, dream and dance (I liked the picture - see pic below and number 4 above)!

My New Year's resolution is to tell more stories. I am reading again and again that no-one cares about stats and facts unless they are wrapped up in good old fashioned stories. 

 The digital revolution has increased the number of ways in which companies can showcase their creativity as well as presenting brands with greater opportunities to engage with consumers through co-creation.  A global study this year by The Holmes Report shows that creativity in PR remains absolutely business-critical. What I found most interesting about this study were the trends that are influencing creative work:  Storytelling (87%), visual/image-led communication; (49%), brand transparency/authenticity (49%); social good (45%)