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Create one, publish everywhere

This article in Brand Quarterly gets right to the heart of content marketing strategy.  It touches on the 'create once, public everywhere' school of thought. 

Whilst the author talks about geographic variations and the problems that arise from this approach, the same applies to a domestic sector content marketing strategy.

Global awareness, does not mean global understanding, and the same across sectors. 

There is always the temptation to push content out as widely as possible, with little thought to the consumer.  Even more so when pressed for time and resource. 

Perhaps the mantra should be 'do less, but do it better', rather than 'create once, publish everywhere'.

A global content strategy starts with asking two questions: - In which markets do I play? - Who is my brand in those markets? Brands often make the mistake of thinking that they can develop one message and run it – translated or not – in every single region. They think of this as brand consistency or unifying the brand across markets. But in many situations, even a global brand may be perceived as something different in multiple markets ; it may have global awareness, but not global understanding. While your brand aspiration might be singular (be known as the global leader in your category, for example) the understanding and resonance of your brand may vary regionally.


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