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Embracing your employee's social reach

A lot of our clients are keen to get their Partners (and others) to share content via their social networks. In practice this means predominantly through LinkedIn and Twitter.

If you can achieve this, the bounty is huge. For a medium-sized lawyer firm (with, say, 300 lawyers with an average of 300 connections on LinkedIn) you can have a potential reach of 90,000 individuals with a personal connection to your firm. That is massively valuable.

However, you can't easily ask your people to share your content (it's advertising to their personal networks) and you certainly can't force them, but you can provide easy-to-share bites that they can share if they wish. If it supports that individual's wider goals (to be seen as an expert) then you can be fairly confident that it will be shared.

In the article, the increasingly hairy Ryan Holmes poses with a man in a suit to discuss how to maximize this engagement.

For the company, the benefit is obvious – greater reach and a bigger audience. But how do employees stand to benefit? By sharing relevant messages, they can ideally build their own professional social followings, while establishing themselves as experts in their professional sphere. This two-way street is an essential prerequisite of any message amplification strategy.


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