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How to Make Content Creation a Team Effort

Content creation is a challenge faced by most modern organizations, and while employing ghostwriters is one way of solving that problem, nothing quite beats the expertise of those actually working at the firm.

The two main hurdles to getting employees to blog regularly as I see them are:

1) Lack of confidence

Lack of confidence is two-fold, the employees have to firstly be reminded that they are an expert in their field, with unique knowledge to share.

Secondly, they must learn to trust their writing ability (I’ve already written a guide on how to blog when you’re not a professional writer).

2) Habit

Habit means learning to make the act of blogging part of the normal routine: as second-nature as checking emails, filling timesheets or making a new pot of coffee.

This is a tricky one to instill, training is key. Using a tool like Passle would also make it really easy to integrate blogging to their schedule and is worth thinking about.

This is a common challenge in organizations that don’t value their content as a business asset. It’s not a problem of inspiration. It’s a problem that centers around a lack of leadership. Great leaders excite, encourage, and inspire the efforts of their employees toward the achievement of measurable goals by spelling out expectations, defining roles and responsibilities, and providing the proper training and incentives. Leaders make sure employees understand the end game. They explain what is important (and what is not). They ensure employees understand both the plan and the role they play in helping the organization achieve success. And, they measure and reward those who do a great job.


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