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Content Marketing for Property People?

We do a lot of work with lawyers, accountants and consultants helping them showcase their knowledge online through thought leadership. But how much of this takes place in the real estate sector?

Not a lot is the answer; How many of your colleagues blog on their professional experience?

Having worked previously in the industry, I found the vast majority of surveyors/agents carried out Business Development exclusively using traditional methods, face to face, referrals etc.

But if you specialise in valuing farms, selling industrial buildings, advising on Middle East investment, how do you demonstrate your expertise to potential clients whom you have never met? Further still, referrals are likely to look you up online prior to putting in a call. This is where the power of content marketing comes in.

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The process of content marketing entails selecting and delivering useful information to customers to establish credibility. Surprisingly, this general description and other content marketing practices can also be applied to the work of a real estate agent.