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Content Marketing: No Room for Error

Forgive me for stating the obvious, but content marketing has become a vital organ in the body of marketing strategies employed by B2B marketers. This year, it is expected that $100b will be spent on content marketing globally - a number that is thought to triple in the coming years. Bigger budgets, greater volumes of content, and ever-lessening attention spans mean businesses can no longer afford to produce chaff: content must be insightful, actionable and valuable.

Of course, content is just 50% of the problem. A worldwide adoption of the 'thought leadership approach' means content distribution must be meticulously executed if to deliver genuine value. Consider what vehicle you're using and ensure your audience is clearly defined and relevant, because frankly, the room for error is getting smaller by the day.

“As more organizations adopt a thought leadership approach, it is going to be increasingly difficult to stand out from the crowd,” said Guy Dunn, CEO of Euromoney Institutional Investor Thought Leadership. “Marketers will need more compelling content, greater access to high-level audiences and more innovative means of delivery to achieve success.” However, data indicates that about one-quarter of B2B marketers are unsure of whether their existing content marketing strategy has met their expectations. Resonating with the right audience, poor visibility on the distribution of content, and unengaging content are the top challenges being faced by B2B marketers.