When businesses are feeling the pressure to deliver there can be a knee jerk reaction. Sales teams can start kicking Marketing about lead quality and Marketing kick back over program engagement.

So how can these two teams stop fighting like cats in a bag?

The answer is to Talk more. 

In a recent poll of US Marketers there was a hunger to meet sales teams more frequently and a belief that additional face-to-face meetings drive stronger business results. In my experience, if you have something of value to offer, you wouldn't have to ask a smart sales person twice.  

 It is inspiring to meet with sales people, the good ones are smart, visionary and without too many generalisations,  when things are good they throw the best parties.

Think about how to add value to what they do. Understand the pressures of their revenue targets and get aligned with them.

Marketing should never fear the sales team. Smart sales people realise that they keys to their quarter lie in the success of that marketing  relationship. Fear is destructive in all relationships and every quality business person knows this. So banish all fears and make friends with your sales department. 

Even if they are a scary person, even if your last meeting with sales was a cat fight, maybe give it another go. Sales people make the most loyal, roaringly supportive friends you can have in your marketing career. It's great to be friends with great sales people