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Time to plant Evergreen Thought Leadership?

Evergreen thought leadership is content that is published with no expiration date. It remains relevant and tailored to your current or prospective clients whether it is read, listened to, or watched one week, one month, or even years after being created. 

Evergreen thought leadership endures. It is content that never goes out of style and its relevance stays front of mind. 

So what does great evergreen content look like? Here are some examples:

As you can see from these examples, the opportunities to create evergreen thought leadership are many and varied. Evergreen is not confined to one time period and it always stays applicable. 

When is the best time to start making evergreen thought leadership then? Right now. Add it to your content calendar.

A good rule of thumb is to run a review as a team or a firm once every quarter. Make sure what you are planning fits into your overall business goals and other marketing campaigns.

Why is this important?

Law firm clients - when asked - seem to say 3 things. 1. You are great lawyers 2. You are expensive (but we get it) 3. It would be nice to hear from you between matters. It would be nice to hear from you without an invoice attached!

Number 3 is where evergreen content comes in. It is ammunition your lawyers can use to contact clients between matters, It is ideal for an email entitled ‘I saw this and thought of you’. Or 'we created this just for you'. It will set you apart from the competition. Those readily available knowledge-based articles, podcasts, etc. are immediate access points for personalized follow-ups. It drives business relationships to new heights, where you put the client's needs in front and invest in them for the long term.

Evergreen content is not just about filling gaps in your content calendar; it’s about creating a valuable resource for your clients that will drive engagement and position your firm as a thought leader over the long term. By investing in content that remains relevant, you ensure your content continues to work for you in the background.


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