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Samsung Win a Gold for Content Marketing

Samsung have produced another entertaining and engaging video campaign following the Rugby World Cup's Samsung School of Rugbywith Rio Olympics 2016's Samsung School of Rio.

Samsung display the essentials of any successful content strategy through the combination of theme, frequency and engagement. 

By mapping the theme of each video (water, stamina) with a core strength (water resistant, battery life) of the latest Galaxy S7 edge the viewer is kept engaged whilst receiving the value proposition at the end of each video.

Samsung have successfully utilised influencers through Olympians such as Helen Glover, Sir Bradley Wiggins and Sir Steve Redgrave along with the entertainment of Jack Whitehall. As a consequence these videos easily become viral and will be gathering millions of impressions across consumers social media profiles. These influencers can easily be compared to individuals within any organisation. 

Whilst a number of these videos have been released there is no doubt they will be more frequently available as specific Olympic events occur over the coming weeks. 


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