All sorts of exciting things have been released on Passle lately, here are three things you can try out:

  1. Resize the bookmarklet. Not only can you move the bookmarklet around if it’s in the way, you can also resize it. This is especially good if you are writing longer posts.
  2. Encourage your followers to subscribe to your Passle newsletter by adding a /follow to your URL (such as This opens up the subscribe button for them ready to input their email, which feeds into your Passle newsletter subscriber list. Why not add this to your email signatures and the URLs you share with clients?
  3. Search to your heart's content. You can now search across the whole Passle network by typing a keyword or tag. You can access this search function either from the Passle homescreen [make sure you are logged in], or on any of our channels such as You can also search specifically within your own Passle if you need to dig up an old post. Watch the video below to see where to look.

Why not give these a go now?