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Why it's worth getting everything on to HTTPS

HTTPS is a far more secure option for hosting your content than HTTP. The latter has remained popular due to its inherent simplicity and for non-secure public content, it has been plenty good enough for most people, even though it is theoretically open to "man in the middle" attacks. 

However, Google have been boosting HTTPS over HTTP sites for a while and the combination of this and an increasing number of HTTPS sites have now pushed plain HTTP sites into the minority of page 1 results. 

This means there is an increasing case for hosting your content securely, even if the data security of your public content is not a great concern. 

If you are a Passle customer and would like your content to be on HTTPS, drop us a line and we can get you moved across. 

Pete Meyers from Moz reports that according to their keyword tracking tools, half of the page one search results in Google show HTTPS URLs. This is up from 30 percent of the results in July 2016. And based on this trend, 70 percent of the page one search results could be HTTPS by the end of the year. Here is a chart from Moz showing the 50 percent mark, and then the estimated trend by the end of 2017:


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