The clocks have moved back, the days are drawing in and winter is most certainly coming. I've been feeling a bit flat in the last week and I imagine there are a few other in a similar position of wishing it could fast forward to spring! 

I've found the best way to stay healthy and productive is through physical activity, and here are few of my thoughts on how to keep the training up through the winter season.

Motivation - Set a goal for next year - There are heaps of exciting events on offer from road runs, wild runs, open water swims, cycles and triathlons. Find something you've always wanted to do, be bold, commit and sign up. On those days when you lacking motivation, this is going to be your fuel. Also, you've paid the sign-up fee so you'd be silly not to make the most of it.

Commit to training regardless of the weather - This is a mindset thing, try to adopt the rule - If it's in the schedule - I have to do it! Accept that some days will be wet and cold, and prepare for it.  Sir Ranulph Fiennes famously said, "There's no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing." The great news is, we are not in the arctic circle, so winter running kit doesn't need to be specialist.

Fit it in where you can - Unless you are a professional athlete there is a good chance you will be juggling your exercise around your work schedule, which is made even more challenging with the shorter days. Building exercise into your commute is an efficient way of doing this.  Are the parts of your daily journey that could be cycled? Can you get off a few stops early and jog the rest in?