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Content Marketing: What Does Success Mean?

Not everyone is a natural planner, but new figures from the Content Marketing Institute suggest that those who keep track of their efforts and adjust their strategy accordingly are more successful in the long run.

However, how do you track that success?

This article gives you some solid ideas on how to evaluate your content marketing. This begins of course by identifying your business goals as well as your customer's needs.

In the latest Content Marketing Institute research, there was a clear conclusion: Those who document their strategy are more successful in the long run. However, only 21% said they were able to effectively track ROI (rising to 35% for those who had a documented strategy). A huge number of marketers still guess about their success. Yet more and more content marketing activity is taking place, budgets are rising, and the world only gets more complex. With an average of 13 content marketing initiatives being used by each marketer across a dizzying array of channels – both paid and free – there are some big questions to be answered


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