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5 Content Marketing Tips You Can Learn From The Voice

I know The Voice is maybe not the first place you think of when it comes to writing better content marketing, but I do think some of its elements could inspire you.

1. The Voice

Develop a unique voice that will make experts turn around. When you think of the singers that make an impact, is it really just about the quality of their vocal chords or the interesting musical choices they’ve made? Setting a song to a different tempo, or adapting it to a different genre, are well-known The Voice tricks for securing a turn.

Don’t beat yourself up if every blog you write isn’t a masterpiece of originality. Instead, try to find a way to give it a personal twist. You have a unique viewpoint: harness it.

2. It's not 'how many', it's 'who'

Let’s imagine that is the only coach who can make you a better singer, and instead it’s the other three coaches who’ve turned. While that’s great, it shows that you haven’t managed to target the audience you cared about, and that’s a problem.

When it comes to content marketing, and marketing in general, it’s easy to get excited about every new follower or like, but if the majority of these are fake accounts, or are never going to be interested in your business, then is it that great?

3. Get Personal

There’s a reason why Ricky-blue-eyes gets so many quality contestants, and I would suggest that it’s because he’s unafraid to show vulnerability. Displaying his human side and finding ways to resonate on a personal level with the contestants, means that he often comes out on top when going head to head with a coach relying on empty clichés.

Lesson learned: throw away your bag of tricks and get to the heart of the subject.

4. Be Entertaining

A large section of The Voice is determined by public vote, and even before that, audience enthusiasm can play an important part in influencing the coaches.

You might be writing about a very serious subject, but it doesn’t mean that it has to be a slog for the reader to get through. Spend some time crafting interesting sentences or add a little pizzazz to your headlines. If there is a way to give your readers some added value then don’t hesitate to do so.

5. Be Consistent

What makes programs like The Voice appealing (or frustrating, depending on where you stand) is the familiarity of their format. You know what’s going to happen and in what order, you can predict what many of the contestants will be like. The stories vary enough to keep things interesting, but not too much.

If one of your blog posts has proven far more popular than the others, you should take the time to dissect its elements and work out whether you can repeat it. This can mean finding a new angle on that subject, or borrowing the format for a different article. There is no harm in reusing a recipe that works!

Bonus Rounds

Finally, two more bonus lessons: get yourself some real supporters, and don’t go off key!


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