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The Advantages of Having an Editorial Calendar

Linkedin’s Calendar

You might not know this, but LinkedIn has an editorial calendar, which is publicly available through searching for ‘LinkedIn Editorial Calendar’, or clicking here.

If you are publishing articles on LinkedIn and would love one of these to feature on Pulse, then following their suggested topics increases your chances of that happening. This month, for instance, has the topic ‘How I Lead’, next month’s is ‘Harnessing Creativity’.

Advantages of following their example

There can be problems with several people blogging for the same business:

  • Lack of communication leading to the same topics getting covered by different people
  • Lack of focus to the output as a whole

One solution for this is to create an editorial calendar, in a similar way to LinkedIn's one.


  • Meet to brainstorm ideas for each topic
  • Assign angles to different people in the office, so that the breadth of the topic is explored.
  • Leave room for improvisation/spontaneity, particularly when it comes to reacting to breaking industry news

Having an editorial calendar will lend a structure to your business blog, think of it as the skeleton for the month, to which other topics and articles can be added.

This calendar should be a key element of your strategy to establish yourselves as a thought leaders in your field.

Here are some tools you can use to facilitate the process.


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