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A new livestream app is in town: Blab!

Since Periscope and Meerkat entered the scene earlier this year, video livestreaming has become a popular tool for many brands. We have seen the apps used to provide live footage of important events, exclusive footage for fans, and for an alternative, more ‘immediate’, version of vlogging,...

More recently, Blab has been the cause of some excitement. Firstly it looks like an improvement on its predecessors (including Google Hangouts) in terms of ease of use. Blab allows up to four people (and a minimum of two) to video chat simultaneously, while allowing users to interact with the discussion (and trade places with any of the video chatters if needed!)

There are all sorts of great features to Blab, including the ability to mute any of the videos you’re watching (if you want to concentrate on just one speaker for instance). The platform is continually evolving so expect further improvements soon.

Overall, looks like a versatile tool for all sorts of projects including:

  • interviews (allowing different users to interact with the interviewee)
  • collaborations across the world (you can keep your blab restricted)
  • roundtable discussions on a particular project
  • informal training sessions
  • product presentation

The Blab community is lively and social, so now is a great time to join in on the multiple conversations taking place. Get blabbing!


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