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Lessons from the Digital Marketing Show #6: A Best Of

The Digital Marketing Show is drawing to a close, but my head is full of ideas after meeting some energizing people and hearing great talks.

You can read my five mini-reports by clicking on the #DSM2015 tag on the left.

Here are my top quotations from the last two days:

  • “Content is the staff, Site design is your shop building, and technical SEO is the layout”, Charlie Williams, White
  • “Customer data is like hard currency” Mark Sallows, Turtl
  • “Don’t just stick to a campaign because you like it”, Ben Harper, Datify
  • “Remember that a brand is defined by how they engage not what they sell”, Sharon Flaherty, Brand Content
  • “Headlines are 90% of content”, James Murphy, TAN Media
  • "Your customers don't care about you, they care about themselves" Trenton Moss, Webcredible
  • “Make content production competitive to get people involved”, Connor Kinnear, Passle
  • "A fishbowl full of business cards is a tool of the past", Gareth Case, CSC
  • “Webinars need to be conversations not presentations”, Mark Bornstein, ON24


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