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How to get storytelling in marketing right

Storytelling and narrative are all the rage in professional services marketing these days - and rightly so. The challenge though is to know not just the story you want to tell, but also what story fits your brand most neatly.

There are only seven different sorts of story; overcoming the monster; rebirth; quest; journey & return; rags to riches; tragedy; and comedy.

The attached is a great summary of each of these stories and how different brands are successfully using them in their marketing.

You think you're being all clever and original with your brand storytelling. In fact, you're not. From Shakespeare to Spielberg to Soderbergh, there are really only seven different types of stories, an Advertising Week panel hosted by TBWA suggested on Wednesday. The challenge becomes finding which one best suits your brand, and then telling it skillfully, believably and—if you're going to invite consumers to join in the story—extremely carefully