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Is "Push" marketing dying?

It feels like not so very long ago that Push marketing was trumpeted as the new dawn of online marketing but now it seems the Huffington Post has decided that "A push strategy is a flawed strategy".

The reason for this rather sweeping statement is that, in a Business to Business setting, much of the time a potential buyer wants to be educated prior to making a decision and receiving large amounts of highly-biased materials simply does not help the buyer make a better-informed decision.

Whilst I am fully signed up to the concept of delivering relevant, timely, informative content, this is perhaps going too far. Re-marketing, for example, certainly has a (slightly irritating) place in the B2B marketing mix.

It is a sign, however, of how far the pendulum has swung towards selling through sharing expert advice and opinion. Maybe Seth Godin was on to something, back in 2008 when he said “Content Marketing is the Only Marketing Left”.

In the Business to Business setting, the traditional art of selling is dying. The old techniques are no longer effective. Yet, most continue down this path, presenting limited offers, specials and hot deals. The fact is, people don't want to be sold. Information is at our finger tips. When a purchase decision needs to be made, we seek knowledge, we pull from those we deem as credible experts. A push strategy is a flawed strategy.