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How to promote your B2B content on Pinterest

Photo-sharing sites are often overlooked by B2B marketers and indeed the targeting of many of the networks is rather scattergun when compared to the extraordinary accuracy offered by, say, Adwords or Linkedin. However, their sheer size means these predominantly consumer-facing networks deserve our attention. 

The image below is very clever, it is visually enticing, it is clearly a "book" its content is easily legible right on the front and there is a logo, just in case the image were somehow to become detached from its original link-back. 

It is an approach that is replicable for lots of content produced by organisations with "Hero" content, whether that be white papers, reports or videos.

Creating a presence on a photo-sharing network with a "book-shelf" of your content need not take long (using the same template saves a lot of time). This enables viewers to quickly see everything on offer from your company. All displayed in the enticing dynamic formats that these networks excel at.

#2: Use Ebooks, Guides and White Papers Using ebooks, guides, white papers and other helpful documents can be a great way to promote your business on Pinterest. Many people want to download your gated documents, especially if you have a popular blog with quality content.