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How to write a B2B content marketing strategy that drives growth

Join our CMO Connor Kinnear on 16th December for a bitesize webinar on delivering and planning a brilliant content marketing strategy. 

Connor Kinnear is a marketer with 15 years of experience with a strong focus on digital marketing and building an online presence. He has worked at organisations of all sizes, from blue chip companies to tech startups.

This practical workshop will offer participants a chance to share insights, examine best practice and explore how content marketing can help a firm achieve its business objectives. You will also discover the results of Passle’s content marketing reports into the top professional services.

It'll be the most useful half hour of your life, and it's free!

It’s harder than ever for firms to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Content marketing, when done well, allows you to strengthen your brand’s voice through thought leadership.


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