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Commitment-Phobes Beware: Content Marketing Requires Dedication

It's a frequently used expression that 'content marketing is a marathon, not a sprint'. But it's very much true and something that should be considered when planning your content strategy.

Commitment in the long-run is absolutely vital and here's 2 reasons why. 

  • Gathering information about your audience is essential to ensure success - this takes time and long-term dedication. Understanding what type of content they have an appetite for is crucial, as is understanding their needs and motivations for revisiting your content hub. Over time, your audience will evolve and you have to be prepared to evolve your content strategy accordingly.

  • Reaping the rewards is a slow-burner. Content marketing is very much analogous to the tortoise (of tortoise and hare fame), where the hare represents the more 'immediate' strategies (search & PPC, sponsored-social, etc). Achieving your goals will likely take time and require varying degrees of perseverance.
While it is possible to accomplish success early, the key is to consistently build a terrific brand experience and audience over time with your content. Content marketing is an ongoing process that should be integrated into your overall marketing plan and this requires meticulous strategy and an almost obsessive amount of nurturing. Content marketing is a long-term commitment


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