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Lessons from B2B Intech #5: Customer Advocacy

Passle is attending B2B Intech today - I'll be liveblogging thoughts and reactions to various talks throughout the day.

'We are tuned to authentic relevant stories' said Robin Hamilton in his breakout session. However, in this information age, he argues that we do not take stories at face value, we trust figures of authority less and less. Only 3% of millenials consider online advertising to be credible.

Case Studies

This is where customer advocacy comes in. We trust people that are just like ourselves. So it's important to identify advocates and let them tell their stories, through case studies. 

I don't think he means that this is a case of employee advocacy vs customer advocacy, but the latter does serve as important social proof.

Hamilton's bugbear is that so many case studies today are still created as portrait PDFs, as if to be printed. This is pretty limiting considering that we process information mostly through landscape, rich-media screens. We should all think about creating optimised case studies that customers can access from whichever screen they are on.

Hamilton's content ideas for your future strategies

  • Silent movie is making a comeback, as we all hate autoplay! Autocaptioning still has a way to go though....
  • Social cinema. Hamilton gave us the example of Shield 5, a series shot in 15 second episodes and shared on Instagram.


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