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What can professional services learn from Zoella?

Video bloggers, or vloggers, have mastered audience engagement in a way that most marketers can only dream of.  

But what, if any, lessons can professional services marketers take away from vloggers?  

Professional services firms have been quick to adopt video - I created my firm 'partner to camera' piece some 15 years ago.  But the format and quality is often questionable.  A partner talking for three minutes on a point of law or tax change is always going to be dull. 

The link below offers some enticing ideas.

I would add two further points.  

- Try to include clients in your content.  A client used to illustrate a point or the value of the advice given is likely to be visually more interesting, and makes for a powerful narrative.

- Don't do it yourself.  Scripting, filming and editing is a skilful profession and need not be expensive.  Rarely will a marketing team include a talented film-maker, leaving the result looking like an unwatched home movie.

As marketers, we spend a lot of time with our noses in campaign schedules and automation flows. We count downloads and clicks, and it’s easy to forget that those downloads and clicks are coming from people. When you can break from the mold, though, and engage with your audience as individuals, you make a lasting impact.


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