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Hubspot + Passle: a winning combination!

Babelquest were the first users to integrate Passle with Hubspot. In the article below, Eric Murphy details why this combination is so powerful. Read Babelquest's latest insights here - perfect for anyone interested in digital and inbound marketing.

Passle is an exciting product, it neatly solves a lot of marketing challenges, it's fun to use, generates lots of value very quickly, and the experience of working with the people at Passle is rather enjoyable too. When added to HubSpot though, the combined power of the two platforms opens up a whole load more opportunities. We were the first to integrate Passle and HubSpot in October 2015 and have seen consistent month-on-month growth in all of our key metrics like traffic, opens, clicks, subscriptions and growth in social following and reach. It's even helped us influence buyer decisions at key stages in our sales pipeline. If you've got HubSpot already, we've pulled together a few things you could have in your head before you go through the product demo.


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