The cartoon from Punch below is funny because it's so accurate. When you're looking for legal advice (or indeed any professional advice) you're frequently in an antagonistic position as relates to the other party in the deal / dispute / transaction and you're not looking for the characteristics of a "nice guy".

This however raises quite an interesting point for the branding of professional services - if your clients are coming to you because they're looking for an organisation that'll fight their corner, is the usual boiler plate of "We have X professionals in Y locations" what they are looking for?

I was based in New York a few years back and on the Subway there was a series of adverts for a law firm that featured a cartoon man with boxing gloves on. It hardly demonstrated a firm grasp of the law but it made its point beautifully.  

Thankfully, Content Marketing gives the modern Professional Services firm the opportunity to showcase their expertise across sectors that might be highly nuanced without having to directly point out that you'll fight your corner if you need to.