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Content marketing inspiration in unlikely places

Finding inspiration in unlikely places was a recent theme on this blog, so I was happy to find this recent article on Business 2 Community, which gives a few more ideas. As the author points out, it can be incredibly useful to step outside of your office to find ideas, by looking into popular media for instance. By relating these things back to your work you are positioning it into the real world and finding new ways to connect with people.

Over a year ago, for instance, I wrote 5 content marketing tips you can learn from The Voice. It's been shared 151 times on LinkedIn and 134 times on Facebook: not bad for an idea that came to me on my sofa....

The brilliant thing about content marketing is that anyone can get cracking with it, no matter the budget, industry or products they have to sell. All that’s needed is a blog, a content calendar and some inspiration. Finding inspiration isn’t easy, though. There are all manner of techniques you’ll find dotted about the internet, but they’ll be the usual stuff – speak to customers, ask colleagues to contribute and delve into the solutions your products offer. That’s all good advice but, sometimes, when you’re staring at a blank screen with nothing more than a flashing cursor looking back at you, you need some inspiration from elsewhere.


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