Getting the experts in any business to create content can be an arduous process, as unless their expertise is content creation, it is likely their focus will be on 'the day job' and will not have enough time to contribute to a content strategy. 

Our experience at Passle in getting busy professionals to create and use content as a mechanism to demonstrate their expertise online, has highlighted the beaten track is a lot easier to follow. Simply, that to get buy-in from across the organisation and achieve a real step-change in behaviour, an internal case study already proving success will play a compelling role. 

Therefore, running an initial pilot with a team/group of individuals most likely to adopt and welcome the change in creating content to achieve help their business objectives, will have a significant impact in attaining long-term buy-in. Interestingly, senior management can work as the perfect group, utilising their expertise to shape the internal and external conversations. 

The short clip from The Dead Poets Society illustrates that the first individual/group to make a behavioural change is the most difficult to achieve; once the precedent has been set, it is easier for others to follow.