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Passle Best Practice: Anatomy of the Ideal Post

If you prefer digesting information visually, the video below covers the same point!

It goes without saying that the ideal Passle post will vary depending on your audience and industry. Nevertheless, by mining our data we have found that a few elements help guarantee success:


  • Create specific titles that give readers an idea of the content (the average top 50 posts were 8.1 words long)
  • Consider using a number in your title (4 out 5 of the top most read posts included a number)
  • Consider making your title a question (18% of the top 50 titles were questions)

Post content

  • Aim for around 356 words in your posts (you can use this Chrome extension to keep track of how many words typed)
  • Break longer pieces up with the bullet point or numbered list function
  • Always make sure to attach a photo to your post (and to check whether the one currently accompanying your post is appropriate). It’s a great opportunity to add value to your post (graphs, stats, …), or to draw the reader’s eye in.

Writing style

  • Be yourself – which is easier said than done of course. Imagine that you are chatting to your prospects over a cup of coffee rather than presiding over them at a keynote.
  • Avoid jargon (unless you have a highly technical target audience)
  • If you have a tendency to create long rambling pieces, a tool like Hemingway App can be helpful in pointing out which sentences need to be broken down.


  • Tagging your posts is the best way to help your content be found not only on the Passle network but by search engines too.
  • As you type your tag, you'll notice a few suggestions come up. It's strongly recommended you pick these, as these are the most popular tags on the network. It means your post will be more likely to be suggested to other users, and therefore read by more people.
  • It also ensures that everyone in your company is using the same tag. For instance, if you all use the term 'hacking' instead of 'hack' or 'hacker', then you can organize your content more efficiently, such as by creating a newsletter focusing on just those posts.
  • You can make this task easier by identifying one or two key tags to be added automatically to every Passle post your team creates. Just get in touch with us to set that up!
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