Unless your head has been buried under the sand for the past 12 months, you will probably be aware that the insurance world is undergoing enormous change (some good, some bad), primarily driven by technological innovation. 

With all of this change, exacerbated by a turbulent socio-economic environment (Brexit, GDPR), as well as new actors (start-ups, new technologies launched by incumbents), there is an enormous amount of uncertainty as we move further into the 21st century.

With all of this uncertainty, a big opportunity has presented itself for individuals/organisations to showcase & leverage their intellectual capital in these turbulent times.

For example, the Insurance Journal points out that there is enormous uncertainty around cyber insurance policies - cyber threats evolve every single day and the policies are years behind and do not cover specific elements; the buyers do not understand what they are and are not protected against, nor what the solutions are; and to add insult to injury (pun unintended), without standardised language, a buyer might even be left without cover due to legal loopholes! 

There is an opportunity for subject matter experts across the legal, insurance & recruitment sectors to gain a first-mover advantage and cement their place as the go-to person within that niche, driving brand awareness, growth and ultimately, generating income. 

Of course, this is not necessarily an easy thing to do as it takes time and effort for the effects to really take hold but as as my colleague, David Kirk, elucidates in his Passle post, a well-planned content marketing strategy can have some remarkable effects - just look at what InsTech London have achieved over a short period of time, producing expert-led content and creating a community around what they know!