I just love this wonderful ranty, sweary post on Reddit "Content Marketing is Broken". 

To summarise, there is so much non-expert, non-authentic, fundamentally useless garbage produced in pursuit of  Content Marketing page views that the Internet (and Google in particular) can no longer provide you with a decent answer to a sensible question. The Internet is drowning in $10-a-page hogwash.

It is a fair point - and one solution is to get the "Masters to create more content" - see below. We, here at Passle Towers, would wholeheartedly agree.

But also, and we fall in to this trap ourselves, as a profession we must stop counting page views and thinking that is a measure of success. It really isn't. 

Back in the early days of the Internet, the idea that you could count views was seen as the Holy Grail of Marketing. But although interesting, it is a vanity metric. Page views, after all, buy nothing. 

Demonstrating capability, and frankly a little humanity, to your clients and prospects by contrast, is extremely valuable.