I came across this article about a couple that built a successful business from scratch, something that many aspire to achieve one day.

Whilst reading through it, I came across some advice about delegating success. They understood that while they had painstaking built the company and the success they were experiencing was earned, they couldn't continue alone. As their company grew, they shared the success with their employees.

Working in a start-up, you quickly realise that success (and failure) cannot be felt by one individual. The clients you sign, the ones you lose and the recognition gained affects us all. Experiencing highs and lows as a firm brings you a sense of purpose and unity that you cannot achieve alone. You have a support network when things don't go as planned and a group sense of elation when things do.

I think we all need to make sure we remember not just to share our burdens with our colleagues, but also share each success. Every step towards a collective goal needs to be celebrated.