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Applying a 1-2-1 approach for a 1-2-many business model

Expert-to-Expert. One expert communicating with another. Sharing insights, discussing ideas and navigating differences. This is how we witness business being done on a day to day basis.

Whether you have 1 client, 100 clients or an endless pool of people that can buy your product/service, you can still use the Expert-to-Expert model to communicate and sell.

Building your personal brand when you operate in a 1-2-many environment should be a top priority. If you are a family lawyer for example, trust plays a huge part in whether business comes to you or falls into someone else's lap. You need to demonstrate your expertise in your area before the individual actually looks for the service you provide - I am assuming here that someone doesn't search for a divorce lawyer just in case! Rather, when the need arises.

Here are 3 of tips for being present in the 1-2-many space:

1. Write about the conversations and problems that your clients bring you. By identifying patterns, you will understand what is important to groups of people. If you can offer advice and information before they need it, you build yourself up as the trusted-adviser. You can be the safety net potential clients need.

2. Demystify topics for your common clients. As discussed in point 1, you need to understand what services and advice your clients require. You also need to preempt what they need to know. If new legislation is released or there is a topic in the news that will affect them, make sure you talk about it in a concise manner and offer suggested action points. If something similar does then happen, they know you are in a very good position to assist them.

3. Become a face as well as a voice. If you are already doing the above then you are a head and shoulders above the rest of your peers. Authentic insights on the whole are harder to come by than corporate pieces. However, you can go a stage further. Trust is built on more than words on a page. Trust is built in real relationships. To put it simply, a phone call is more powerful than an email and a face-to-face meeting is more powerful than a phone call. Make sure you are seen and heard. It really is as simple as it seems - change up your content creation and create a video or a podcast. If people can match an insight to a voice or face, it is so much more powerful.

If you are using Passle, you can now do this through the platform - take a look at this video to see how

So you see while Expert-to-Expert suggests 1-2-1 interaction, it really can be Expert-to-Experts; one person communicating relevant and authentic insights to a group of like minded individuals.


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