I noticed when I decided recently to unsubscribe to the various marketing related emails I receive daily from different shops (and anything else I have apparently signed up to) that it takes a lot more scrolling, clicks and reading of very small print in order to unsubscribe to communications, compared with to subscribe. In fact, many of the default pages I landed on to unsubscribe I had to read very carefully in order to ensure I actually wasn't going to receive any future emails from them.

This got me thinking about how I like to receive information, and that it's so important that it ticks the following boxes:

1. Relevant to my preferences

2. Timely - critical that it's not too often

3. Easy to digest - too much information, and it won't get read

This principle applies to writing a Passle post as well - and in fact, quite often less is more. It's rarely prudent to send a communication that doesn't tick these boxes, and the more often a consumer receives unwanted information, the less trust they will have for that brand.